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The Duggins Law Firm concentrates its efforts on representing clients who are charged with a crime, or who believe they may be charged, with a crime.

In addition, it also concentrates on representing many clients who want their records of past Arrests, or their records of past Criminal Convictions Expunged or Sealed from public view.

Most people do not realize how powerful the criminal justice system is. State and federal law enforcement and agencies such as the FBI and DEA have nearly unlimited resources to prosecute crimes. An individual cannot fight back without help. If you have been charged with a crime, you cannot expect law enforcement to protect your rights. You need an aggressive criminal defense attorney who will stand up for you.

Attorney Terry Duggins has earned a reputation as a tough trial lawyer who fights relentlessly for his clients. He has had more than 70 cases completely dismissed, usually shortly before trial, and hundreds of additional charges dismissed earlier in the process. Throughout his career, he has made more than 8,000 court appearances.

At Duggins Law Firm LLC, we represent Minnesota residents as well as visitors who have been charged with crimes in Minnesota. For aggressive defense from a St. Paul criminal law attorney, contact us online.

Our comprehensive criminal law practice includes state and federal criminal cases as well as criminal appeals. We represent adults and juveniles charged with misdemeanors and felonies that range from murder and white collar crimes to DWI/DUI and traffic violations.

Violent crime cases, including murder and sex crimes, require a strategic defense based on a careful examination of the evidence and police procedure used. Working with private investigators and forensic experts, when appropriate, we will determine the facts and build a unique defense for each client.

We also defend people charged with state and federal drug crimes such as possession and trafficking. Drug sentences are harsh, so we argue for dismissal, diversion programs and drug court whenever possible.

Theft crimes, from shoplifting to armed robbery, will leave you with a permanent criminal record. We have the experience to defend you against all theft crime charges.

Additionally, the firm handles your expungement requests.

Expungements, in the past, it has been very difficult to obtain an Expungement, which seals a person’s past record of arrest and/or criminal convictions.

The Minnesota Legislature, in the 2014 session, totally changed the legal procedures a person has to go through to have a person’s past records sealed, or expunged.

The Legislature, at the same time, also greatly expanded the number of past arrests and criminal conviction records that can now be sealed from public view.

For example, there are now four different categories of records which are subject to being sealed. They are:

  1. A completed stay of adjudication or completed diversion program;
  2. Petty Misdemeanors or Misdemeanors;
  3. Gross Misdemeanors;
  4. Felony violation which are on a list of 50 specific felonies. The new legal procedures for each category involves a different waiting period. The waiting periods are very favorable for the person seeking the Expungements.

These changes in the procedures, and which records the changes include, begin on January 1, 2015. Now is the time to call for a free consultation to discuss your specific personal situation and the possibilities of actually putting your past records behind you!

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